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At the National Subsea Centre, we pride ourselves on fostering innovation through impactful collaboration, driven by our strong partnerships with Robert Gordon University (RGU), Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) and SeaFlo. Our collective efforts harness academic research expertise and cutting-edge industrial knowledge to deliver pioneering solutions for the energy transition.

Robert Gordon University (RGU)

RGU is a vibrant, diverse community of students and highly professional staff from across the world. Our partnership with RGU supports its mission to transform people and communities by providing excellent teaching, research, and enterprise opportunities that contribute to economic, social, and cultural development and environmental sustainability. With an enviable reputation for transforming individuals and communities, RGU continues to lead the way in addressing challenges associated with global sustainability.

Committed to growing the quality and impact of internationally recognised, innovative, and interdisciplinary research, RGU's 11 academic schools and supportive research community focus on generating improvements in the quality of life, supporting more innovative businesses, unlocking cultural creativity, and contributing to a more successful and sustainable economy.

RGU is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future by minimising its environmental footprint, meeting net zero targets, and realising its moral purpose for the common good.

Visit RGU's website for more information.

Robert Gordon University campus

Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC)

Net Zero Technology Centre is dedicated to developing and deploying technology for an affordable net-zero energy industry. Our partnership with NZTC aims to accelerate the energy transition by closing the gap in net-zero technologies, reducing emissions from existing facilities, unlocking the full potential of an integrated energy system, and championing clean energy start-ups to build a thriving supply chain.

NZTC is committed to breaking down conventional thinking to develop and deploy innovation at speed.

With over £220 million co-invested with industry in technologies, NZTC has made strides in areas like effective well plugging and abandonment, asset integrity, autonomous robotics, and renewable power systems. They have screened over 1,640 exciting new technologies, completed or progressed 175 field trials, commercialised 33 technologies, supported 45 tech start-ups, and helped generate a potential £10-£15 billion GVA for the UK economy.

Explore NZTC's work for more insights.

The Net Zero Technology Centre


SeaFlo specialises in subsea and marine services on a global scale. In October 2023, SeaFlo became the NSC's first Anchor Partner. Our collaboration focuses on underpinning research and technology development required to enable predictive maintenance for the energy industry. SeaFlo is providing substantial funding to establish an Asset Digital Twin Laboratory (the ADT-LAB).

Bringing together specialist engineers and computer research scientists, the team is researching, developing, and deploying digital twins to help anticipate maintenance requirements, ensuring the longevity of subsea structures, equipment, and systems.

This collaboration has an initial three-year term, with the SeaFlo team based at the NSC, bringing extensive knowledge in reliability assessment and maintenance of subsea assets and infrastructure. Access to relevant datasets, engineering knowledge of asset models, subsea to marine asset domain expertise, and significant project-to-asset management skills make this partnership a valuable asset.

Learn more about SeaFlo's contribution to our collaborative efforts.

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