Bringing Together Eager Problem Solvers


We are building global networks of academic excellence and industry partnership that extend NSC reach and synergise globally leading capacity and capability aligned to our research programmes. 


By bringing together eager problem solvers, world class facilities and novel engagement with a host of stakeholders, our technical capabilities are ever growing:  

  • Hydrogen 
  • Wind 
  • Wave 
  • CCUS 
  • High Performance Computing 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Data Science 
  • Planning and Design Optimisation 
  • Robotics 
  • Hyperspectral Imaging 
  • SMART Materials 
  • Engineering 
  • Techno Economic Studies 



The challenges addressed by SMART technologies often recur across multiple industries, meaning that solutions often have cross-industry transferability. The development of smart subsea and marine technologies can be accelerated by importing and adapting relevant solutions from other industries, or by developing cross-industry solutions to common challenges with diverse partner consortia:

Icon of Oil Platform

Energy (Renewables and Oil & Gas)

Icon of Shield


Aquaculture Icon of a Fish


Transport Icon of Truck

Transport & Logistic Networks

Ocean Icon

Oceanographic & Scientific

Partnership Benefits

By establishing collaborative networks with other centres of academic and industry excellence, we leverage our expertise and facilities through exchanges of personnel and sharing of capabilities. Our programmes and research priorities are informed by global state-of-the-art and conversely NSC research which is visible and accessible to global communities.   

  • Relationship building with other national and international centres of excellence  
  • Industry membership development and relationship building 
  • Relationship building with relevant funding bodies 
  • Research pool memberships 
  • Academic partnerships 
  • Regular sandpits with industry relating to NSC programmes 
  • Workshops relating to NSC programmes at leading academic and industry conferences 
  • Development through networking grants and academic exchanges 

A collaboration with the NSC comes with many benefits:

  • Opportunity to steer on the type of research performed within the centre to ensure it is industry-led
  • Access to a wealth of academic expertise of all levels, both within the centre and at RGU. Access to state-of-the-art test facilities to perform research and development activities.
  • Access and use of networking area
  • Use of The Hub and modern high-tech audio-visual equipment
  • Use of meeting rooms to engage your industry partners
  • Availability of hot desks for use by partners
  • Excellent public transport links from city centre, rail station and airport 
  • Provide impartial/honest broker view and position in projects 
  • Access to networking and supply chain events 
  • Marketing opportunities, including partner marketing, case studies and events 
  • Access to research outputs 
  • Expertise in collaborating and applying for funding from various funding streams, such as government, industry and private investors